15 May 2012

Stepping into the Breach

It wasn't another American invasion but rather a horrific collision on the 401 Highway that caused our scheduled speaker to get trapped in a traffic snarl near Nappanee.

But, just as disaster loomed, our Canadian Militia stepped forward to fill the gap in the line.

John Bradshaw, Infantryman

John Bradshaw described life as an infantryman in the home forces including the care and handling of your musket.

Mike Janssens, a Pioneer

 Mike Janssens described how a Pioneer had (and still does) to do just about any job, from cutting paths, preparing and guarding defensive positions and handling sensitive stores such as fuel and ammunition, to bricklaying and carpentry.

Peter Johnson, Fife Player

 Peter Johnson talked about the life as a drummer and fifer.  A position that made you a prime target for the enemy.
Bruce Bedell, our Crier

And in finale, Bruce Bedell cried the news from Michilimackinac in fine poetic form.

And there were lots of questions and discussion...

The full story will be in September's issue of Outlook.

Story and pictures Nick White

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