17 January 2013

Our Place in the War of 1812

In the last year there has been much published about the conflict that arose after the new republic the United States of America declared war against Great Britain on the 18th of June 1812.

To a standing room only meeting of the Society, Major John R. Grodzinski, CD, BA, MA, PhD of the Royal Military College of Canada drew these stories together and provided a context of the conflict.

Against a backdrop of a war that spanned four continents, John wove the events that happened here in the Quinte region into the fabric of the North American war.

And then placed that war into the fabric of global Napoleonic Wars.

With humour, an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject and a dynamic presence as a speaker, Major Grodzinski made Tuesday yet again a great evening.

Story and pictures Nick White.  A more extensive article on the talk will appear in February edition of Outlook, the Society's newsletter.

Anne Rector

It was sad news when Anne announced at the January meeting that, for health reasons, she would not be standing for re-election to the Society's Board in 2013.

First elected in 2011, Anne became the Society's Vice-President in 2012 but is probably be best known to Society's members for her work as the Program Director responsible for arranging speakers at the Society's monthly meetings.

Under her stewardship the Society's meetings have become impressive with audiences not seen since somewhere back in the 1900's and with questions and discussions stretching well past the usual closing times.
Anne with commemorative display of 2012 Speakers

That position is challenging, not only recruiting potential speakers but ensuring that there is a balance of interests being addressed and, ensuring that information about speakers is known and available for distribution through the print and electronic media.

In her announcement at the Society's January meeting Anne gave thanks and appreciation to all the Society's volunteers who had made her time both pleasant and rewarding. She also presented to the Community Archives her collection of pictures taken at the Society's events over the last two years - in both a traditional album book but also in electronic format. A welcome addition to the Society and Archive's digital picture collection.

Our best wishes for her continuing recovery and I think I can safely express everyone's hope that we will again one day see her playing a leading part in the Society's future. (And thanks for all her work in lining up the programs for 2013!)

Story and pictures, Nick White