30 March 2014

“Awesome, you guys were awesome!”

Sharon White and Donna Fano presented a
selection of “
Stories from the Archives

Compliments are great after hard work, so when Rachel Henry of Chartwell Bayview Retirement Residence told us we were awesome, we felt good.
Being sandwiched between Jeanette Arsenault and the Fiddleheads can be a tough act, but the presentation of some of the stories from the archives, including ones written by Bill Kennedy, Lois Foster, Diane Sule, Al Cleary and Donna Fano held its own to a standing-room-only audience in the (small) theatre at the residence.

Belleville Mayor Neil Ellis discussing the exhibits
with Lois Foster on March 30th

The Community Archives / Historical Society exhibits, featuring the Farley Mowat poster set plus sixteen other panels, were also popular.
A steady stream of visitors throughout the three-hour event spent considerable time matching descriptions with the panels on display.
 More pictures from the event can be seen in this album.
Report and photos, Nick White

27 March 2014

At the Seniors Fair in Belleville

Now in its third year, the Seniors Showcase Information Fair at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre has become a popular annual event attracting local, provincial and national exhibitors and visitors from across the Quinte region and beyond.

Our booth with the “morning crew” from the left, Al Cleary, Mary-Lynne Morgan, Elizabeth Mitchell,Jeanie Delany, Donna Fano and Kieran Delany

The Historical Society and the Community Archives have been there every year with joint displays on the history of Hastings County.
This year we featured two new attractions - posters from the 2013 Heritage Hastings project with the Belleville Art Association and a find the house challenge based in the 1874 Birds Eye map of Belleville.
Our booth was busy, we were engaged with visitors, discussing the exhibits and helping them with the challenge.  Thanks to the generosity of W.T. Hawkins Ltd., we were able to hand out Cheezies!
Our exhibit was attractive and popular, and our volunteers did a great job of promoting awareness of our local history.  The Fair was also a great opportunity for us to meet exhibitors from other organizations.
Many thanks to all who assisted with this event: Bill Kennedy, Adel Dibben, Gerry Boyce, Hal Wilson, Diane Sule, Mike Shaw, the “morning crew” mentioned above, and the Archives Volunteers who helped put the exhibit together.
More pictures from the event can be seen in this album.
Report and pictures Nick White

01 March 2014

DocFest 2014

Display at the CORE Centre
Both the Historical Society and the Community Archives were proud to sponsor showings at the 2014 Belleville Downtown DocFest and to have a display at the CORE Centre from February 28 to March 2. 

Sharon White and "Celebrating City Hall"

 Sharon White (on behalf of the Archives) and Mary-Lynne Morgan (for the Historical Society) each introduced a film, described our organizations, and showed enthusiasm and support  for the local documentary filmmakers.
Doug Knutson, Aaron Bell and Peter Lockyer
at the panel discussion

At the 4 o'clock Friday screening at the Pinnacle Playhouse, Sharon expressed her pleasure at seeing old photographs from the Community Archives being given a new life and wider exposure in films such as Aaron Bell’s ‘Celebrating City Hall.’

Aaron’s film outlines the history of the Belleville City Hall and commemorates the 25th anniversary of its renovation by visionary local architect and engineer Bill White.  The film can be viewed on the Internet at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcdZoHewYY4

The filmmakers at this session – Aaron Bell (Celebrating City Hall), Doug Knutson (A Hope in Hell) and Peter Lockyer (History Lives Here) – participated in a Q&A afterwards and made very positive comments about the role of the Community Archives in providing historical images for their work.

Mary-Lynne Morgan with two of the many DocFest volunteers
On Saturday at the Pinnacle Playhouse screening room, Mary-Lynne Morgan introduced a local project which is sure to make a return in future years at DocFest. Called 'Quinte at Home: Vintage Home Movies from the Quinte Region',  the project is the brain-child of project curators Brent Kleinsteuber and Amy Bodman. The pair showed "a compilation of vintage home movies in their original formats, documenting aspects of life in the Bay of Quinte Region from the advent of home movies in the 1930's through 1980" (Docfest program). It was fascinating to watch these amateur movies, and equally interesting to see a variety of vintage projectors (for 16mm, 8mm and Super 8 formats) all working so well.

Mary-Lynne explained the HCHS mandate and many activities dedicated to making history come alive. She pointed out how appropriate it was for the Society to sponsor 'Quinte at Home' at Docfest, as the home movies constituted a documentary of life in our area - our own personal history - from military parades to wedding parties..and some very camera-shy children.

The History opf CJBQ Radio in Quinte

Join the Haastings County Historical Society on March 18, 2014 and hear about the fascinating 68 year history of CJBQ Radio in the Quinte Area.

Presented by Quinte Broadcasting Personality Sean Kelly