07 May 2012

East of the Moira Returns

The Archive Angels hearing the story of the 2102 edition

Lois Foster and Lindi Pierce have been in cahoots for the past six months, updating the book 'Heritage Buildings East of the Moira', which was first published by Heritage Belleville (our Municipal Heritage Committee, formerly known as LACAC) in 1991. The book is an inventory of historical and architecturally significant buildings, with research conducted in large part by Lois Foster and Beth Green, supported by Elaine Preston, Mary Hall and Shirley Birchard, all of the Hastings Historical Society Building Research Committee. Rodger Greig of ACO provided architectural descriptions; city staff and summer students provided additional help.

With the support of Alderman Kay Manderville and the Heritage Belleville committee, the book was published in 1991 and has been an invaluable, if rare, resource to building researchers and 'old house nuts' for over 20 years.

Last year, Lois and Lindi began work on an update of 'Heritage Buildings East of the Moira'. Lindi compiled the corrections and new data which Lois had been collecting since the book's publication. Lois devoted hours to researching some Front Street properties whose story intrigued her.

The members of the current Heritage Belleville Committee approved the cost of reprinting the updated book and producing a PDF version on USB stick - a paperless version of the book. The 2012 edition of 'Heritage Building East of the Moira' has been presented to the Reference desk and Canadiana Room at the Belleville Public library, and has 'come home' to the Community Archives at the Heritage Centre. The book will provide an extra resource to volunteers and members of the public researching our built heritage.
Sharon White, archivist, receiving a copy of
Heritage Buildings East of the Moira
from Heritage Belleville member Lindi Pierce 

'Heritage Buildings East of the Moira' provides background on several hundred historic structures in Belleville, including brief family and building histories, notes on architectural style and detail, and interesting quotes from the the press of the day. Properties are listed alphabetically by street. The book contains a black and white photo of each building, and several maps.

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