02 May 2012

120 Years of Service (and Jubilee Pin)

Carol Pettit (whom I don't know, but who must be a volunteer, because she 'gets it') is credited with the following quote: "Volunteers just don't do the work - they make it work".

The truth of this statement was celebrated earlier this month when six of the Historical Society's outstanding volunteers, the Archives Angels, were honoured for their contributions to the society - a combined total of 120 years of volunteer work! The annual Ontario Volunteer Service Awards banquet was held on May 2 at the Banquet Centre on Alhambra Square. Marney Black, Adele Dibben, Lois Foster, Beth Green, Diane Sule and Mary Jane Throop received awards.

Beth Green 30 year pin
Lois Foster 30 year pin
Adele Dibben 20 year pin
Diane Sule 20 year pin
Marney Black 10 year pin
Mary Jane Throop 10 year pin
The awards presented on behalf the Provincial Government by MPP Todd Smith, recognize volunteers for each 5 years of volunteer service to their organization. The six individuals from the Society who received pins this year are listed on the right. These ladies, and the many other volunteers who devote so many of their hours to the work of the Historical Society, truly are "the heart of our community".

This photo shows Adele Dibben, Beth Green, Lois Foster and Marney Black with Todd Smith and Dick Hughes at the awards ceremony.

Dick Hughes pictured with pin recipients Mary Jane
Throop, Lois Foster, Diane Sule and Marney Black

The second picture, taken at the Hastings Heritage Centre shows Mary Jane Throop and Diane Sule holding their certificates with the pins. As Mary Jane and Diane were not able to attend the official ceremony, they received their pins from Society President Dick Hughes.

In addition to their regular pins each volunteer was awarded a special Jubilee pin, created in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's 60th year on the throne.

The special Jubilee pin shown next
to the 30+ years service pin

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