11 January 2014

Heritage Art Traditions on Show in Belleville

Marlene Brant Castellano
Opening reception for First Nations art show at Belleville's Art Gallery 121 on January 11, 2014 was a huge success.  Many Tyendinaga Mohawk artist's will have their creations displayed and for sale from January 7 to March 1.

Kim Maracle began the ceremony with smudging with sage a tradition that the native elders say that all ceremonies, tribal or private, must be entered into with a good heart.

Curtis Maracle carries on the proud tradition
of moccasin making like his ancestors
Opening remarks were by Marlene Brant Castellano who trained as a social worker and adult educator.  Marlene helped found the native studies program of Trent University in Peterborough.  She was also co-director of research with the Royal commision on Aboriginal peoples and has served with various related organizations.

Native art has played a important part in perserving native culture both historically and today.

David & Kim Maracle,
Kim plays the drum and
sings with an angelic voice
This art records important historical events in drawings, bead work, sculptures, feather work, basket weaving, wood carving, pottery, dance, music and story telling.  Tyendinaga Mohawk artists have kept their traditions and stories alive through their pieces.
Story and Pictures Bobby-Jo Morris 

David R. Maracle poses
with his widely admired carving
'Spirit Woman"
Janis Brant a talented painter
tells her stories with inspiring paintings
Carol Anne Maracle showing her
Black Ash basket and a Corn Husk Medicine Man
giving Thanks to Creator....

Suzanne Brant pictured with one of
her wonderful creations
which she paints with a "magic brush" 

Rebecca Maracle tells her stories through creations
using feathers, this piece was inspired
by the life of  Nelson Mandela
Trevor Brant's art pieces let the imagination
soar like the eagle's wings that they resemble
Lisa Martin, Shirley Martin (mom) & Nancy Green create
beautiful native bead work that
carries on the history of the Mohawk people

Will Fisher one of the new generation
of artists shows one of his stone sculptures

Peter C. Newman a pioneer in
investigative journalism stands with
David R. Maracle and Curtis Maracle

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