23 December 2013

Holiday Cheer

The Archives Volunteers celebrated their accomplishments in 2013 at a year-end get-together that provided a welcome opportunity for socializing, nibbling on holiday treats, and general merrymaking. Most of the volunteers from the Archives and the Historical Society Board of Directors attended, with a few other honoured guests and partners.

Many thanks to all who contributed their time and talents to the work of the Archives in 2013: Laurel Bishop, Marney Black, Gerry Boyce, Breanna Brethour, Ann Butryn, Al Cleary, Jeanne Delaney, Kieran Delaney, Adele Dibben, Donna Fano, Lois Foster, Lorna Garbutt, Sarah Herren, Richard Hughes, Janet Johnston, Matthew Lutz, Renée McWilliam, Katharine Mills, Elizabeth Mitchell, Bobby-Jo Morris, Annis Ross, Erin Ryan, Diane Sule, Mary Jane Throop, and Nick White.

Special thanks to Lois Foster for hosting our year-end celebrations, to the Historical Society Board of Directors (always supportive and helpful), and to the many others who have assisted with special projects, including Rick Garbutt, George Pearce, Lindi Pierce, Peter Ross, and Barb Throop.  It is a pleasure to work with you all!

Sharon White

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