03 August 2013

Celebrating 100 Years of Marmora Town Hall

The Community Archives and Historical Society prepared an exhibit for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Marmora Town Hall held on the 3rd of August.

The handsome building (pictured to the right) was rescued from being a derelict and renovated in 1913.  It still retains the features of that time, including extensive pressed tin tiles on the walls and ceiling.  And they’re planning for the future: the tile roof, new in 2008, has a 100-year life expectancy!

Warden Rick Phillips (pictured left with Reeve Terry Clements) was there to present congratulations and a commemorative plaque from Hastings County and enjoy the exhibits, lunch and of course, the cake.

The exhibits of Marmora’s history assembled by Marmora civic staff were fascinating, as were the drawings by school children of how they imagined the village to be 100 years ago and 100 years in the future.

But the show stoppers were (1) a video shot in the 1920s showing the village and including parades and a re-enactment of the fire that burnt St. Agnes Church; and (2) entertainment by Marmora resident John Davidson. 

Admitting to be two years younger than the Town Hall, John (pictured above), a farmer for 61 years until he retired, entertained the audience with stories, poetry and rhymes that he learned as a young man in the 1920s.

Our exhibit (pictured left with Archivist Sharon White) featured 19 images of Marmora from the HCHS collections at the Community Archives.  Congratulations to Marmora and Lake, and municipal staff (especially Typhany Choinard) for organizing the event and inviting us—we always appreciate the opportunity to participate in our local history!

You can view the images we exhibited and listen to some of John’s recordings at the Heritage Centre in Cannifton.

Story and pictures, Nick White

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