28 March 2013

At The Senior's Information Fair

Elizabeth Mitchell with display

The Historical Society joined forces with the Community Archives to present an attractive and iformative display at the 2013 Seniors Information Fair held at the Sports and Wellness Centre on March 28th.

The Hotel Quinte was the theme of the photo and story display highlighted by a video presentation.  Visitors received brochures and listings of coming events. A busy team of volunteers greeted the visitors and promoted the work of the Society and Archives while exchanging many memories of the history of our city and county.

Donna Fano, Katharine Mills and Annis Ross

Also featured was a display of books by Gerry Boyce, Bill Hunt and Orland French with signage encouraging the reading of historical books by local authors. Shown top right are Donna Fano, Lindi Pierce and Mike Shaw.

The lower right picture shows (some of) the afternoon crew.  In this picture, Dick Hughes, Katharine Mills, Mary-Lynne Morgan, Mary Jane Throop, Diane Sule and Bill Hunt.

Below are general pictures taken from the gymnasium balcony showing the booth setup in new Sports and Wellness Centre.
Pictures: Nick White  Story: Donna Fano and Nick White.

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