17 December 2012

Volunteer's Christmas Get Together

Since it's inception the Society has relied on volunteers and this year sixty invitations were sent out for the Christmas celebration.  And we managed to capture twenty-nine of them in this picture.  Others were captured in this album but unfortunately a few either were away or arrived after the pictures were taken.

The volunteers create and run the displays we take to events (I think there were seven this year), manage the Society's eight monthly meetings - very popular this last year  and, of course, they work at the Community Archives (it's still at the Heritage Centre).

Always a great event with lots of good company and food!

Standing: Mike Shaw, Al Cleary, Nick White, Bill Kennedy, Peter Ross, Annis Ross, Mary Wilson, Kieren Delaney, Mary Jane Troop, Jeanne Delaney, George Pearce, Sylvia French, Bev Kennedy, Doug Wilson, Lindi Pierce, Mary-Lynne Morgan, Bruce Bedell Orland French, Marilyn Hughes, Dick Hughes.

Seated: Sharon White, Elizabeth Mitchell, Lorna Garbutt, Donna Fano, Katharine Mills, Laurel Bishop, Adele Dibben, Lois Foster and Breanna Brethour.

Didn't make it into the group picture: Dianne Sule, Gerry Boyce, John Lowry, Bobby-Jo Morris, Peter Newman, Doug Knutson, Beth Green, Marney Black, Ruth Boyce and Geoff Green.

Pictures Nick White

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