16 October 2012

A Royal Evening

Featuring Jane Ann Thompson McCaw (pictured right) as the guest speaker, the Society's October meeting was another "they're still coming, we'd better put out some more chairs" event.

One empty seat visible

The evening was opened by by our colourful and poetic Crier, Bruce Bedell (pictured in full cry to the left).

Followed by Sylvia French who took the attendees on an excursion back to times 100 (with a dash of 200) years ago.

Jane Ann Thompson McCaw holding a royal standard
with Katharine Mills on the right  

With the stage firmly set in the past, Jane Ann took the stage and entertained the crowd with stories and displays of memorabilia about our Queen and her family.

A lot of stories, some amusing, all interesting and a reminder of the Royal Family's connections with Canada and our area.

If you want to hear about those stories, like the one about the royal standard (being held by Jane Ann to the right) you will have to ask Jane Ann.

Perusing one of the the displays

Jane Ann and our Crier in the autumn leaves

Pictures and story Nick White an album of pictures from the evening can be viewed here

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