17 April 2012

A Shorter History of Hastings County

I’m Sir Francis Rawdon-Hastings
As you see!
My titles of English Nobility
Do proceed from me!
Marquess of Hastings!
Earl of Huntington!
Baron of Hungerford!
I’m the Earl of Moira Too,
For which the Moira River is due!

Loyalist John Meyers; he built a grist mill
Making Meyers Creek
The gristiest town by a mill site!

McNabbs may come and McNabbs may go
But their Riverboat house remains
At the beginning of West Bridge Street Hill!

John Dunbar Moody reflects:
Oh Susanna; don’t you cry for me;
I’m The Sheriff of Hastings County
No more farming for we!
We come from Peterborough County
With an infant on our knee
But now its life in the clearing
No more Bush for we!

How much Flint can a Billa Flint, Flint
When a Billa Flint does Flint, Flint?
Enough to become a Senator
And name York River- Bancroft;
After his Mother-in-law!


For a longer history you need to go to the Archives!

Composed and Cried by Bruce Bedell (the Society's Crier) in honour of the "Stories from the Archives" presentation by the "Archive Angel" volunteers.

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