21 June 2011

Strawberries and a Virtual Tour and a Fund Raising project

A quick quality check
before the start
There was a very special flavour to the Hastings County Historical Society's June 2011 general meeting attended by nearly fifty people, namely strawberry!

Strawberries and and ice cream were served prior to presentations by Hazel Loyst on the progress of the Capital Campaign fund raising and by architect Ray Zaback on the renovations being made at the new location for the Community Archives on Church Street.

John Lowery, Mary Jane Throop and Hazel Loyst

The million dollar Capital Campaign includes bronze, silver and gold levels for contributions, a total of approximately $650,000 having been funded at this time. Ray's presentation was a virtual computer tour shown on the big screen of the way the building will look when renovations are complete.

The fresh strawberries were donated by Shelter Valley Farms and the ice cream was provided at a discount by Reid's Dairy. As can been seen in the two photographs below they made for a deliciously enjoyable evening! There were seconds and even thirds for everybody.
Pictured posing with strawberries, left to right, Orland French, Mike Shaw, Gerry Boyce (getting a refill), Bruce Bedell, John Lowry (serving), Laurel Bishop, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sylvia French, Marilyn Hughes and Dianne Sule

Sharon White
outlined the elements
that go into an archives
Sharon White (archivist for the CIty of Belleville, County of Hastings and the Society) outlined the various features that have to be considered in designing an Archives building.

Building project architect Ray Zaback (of Shoalts & Zaback Architects) took people through a virtual tour of the proposed design.
And Ray Zaback took the audience for
a virtual tour of the proposed design

Listening and asking questions

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